Who we are


Tom Wilson

Tom is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of unionlearn. He represents unionlearn at senior levels with trade unions, government and other organisations. He is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic plan. Tom also works with the unionlearn board and its advisory committees.

He also has overall responsibility for the staff and financial management of the organisation and leads the senior management team.

Tom Wilson took over from Liz Smith OBE after she retired in July 2009.

For more information, email Tom Wilson: unionlearn@tuc.org.uk

Trade Union Education Manager

Liz Rees

Liz is responsible for unionlearn's programme of training and education for workplace reps and trade union professionals, including provision in Wales and Scotland. She is responsible for course and curriculum development and accreditation.

Her role also includes tutor development and fostering partnerships with colleges and other providers.

Liz is also Secretary to the TUC Educational Trust.

For more information, email Liz Rees: TUCeducation@tuc.org.uk

Strategy Manager

Iain Murray

Iain is responsible for managing strategy and policy work on learning and skills in unionlearn, including all aspects of work-based learning for adults and young people and wider education policy issues. The strategy team advises on unionlearn’s approach to major new policy initiatives, coordinates support for senior staff representing unionlearn on a range of learning and skills bodies, and facilitates relations with the relevant government departments and agencies.

For more information, email Iain Murray: IMurray@tuc.org.uk

Service Manager

Ian Borkett

Establishes systems to support learner progression, quality assures unionlearn's services, and is responsible for management information, the Supporting Learners strategy and the union learning Climbing Frame. Manages unionlearn’s communications through its website, social media activities, national conference and Learning Rep magazine.

For more information, email Ian Borkett: iborkett@tuc.org.uk

Delivery Manager

Dave Eva

Dave's role is to support the ULF Team, the Regional Secretaries and their teams. This involves helping them to provide a good service to unions on all aspects of learning, and helping unions deliver their plans. The Delivery team aims to knit together all aspects of the learning support provided by unionlearn, encourage good practice and lead the development of new areas of learning.

For more information, email Dave Eva: deva@tuc.org.uk

Unionlearn board

A new Unionlearn board is elected by the General Council each year for the following twelve months. The 2013/14 Unionlearn board met for the first time on 23 October 2013. 

Regional Contacts

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