Unionlearn strategic partnership with Tribal

As I am sure you are aware, unionlearn is working in partnership with Tribal to provide the best possible support to union learners, their friends, families and communities too.

Many learning centres and ULF projects are already working with community learners, unemployed adults and those in non unionised workplaces.  The partnership will extend support to any groups of learners unionlearn want to support.

Our partnership is informed by a shared understanding of the diversity of needs, situations and provision that exist across the network of union learning centres and aims to provide:

  • access to high quality teaching and learning materials to support English and maths learners, regardless of where learners are in their learning journey
  • increased progression opportunities for learners through improved access to courses, programmes and qualifications that centres may not currently be aware offer. For example, our range of Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs) which over 700 union learners are currently accessing
  • expert advice on funding and learning opportunities, including how centres may be able to access their own sources of funding
  • help with developing sustainable local partnerships and strategic relationships, including strengthening existing partnerships, or securing new ones.

What is available?

- English and maths. All centres have access to unionlearn’s dedicated online English and Maths learning portal. https://unionlearn.advancelearningzone.com

For further information please look here - http://www.network-publishing.co.uk/images/stories/flyers/functionalSkills/flyers/golearn.pdf

For access please use the contact details below.

- Vocational qualifications. These will be fully supported  by a tutor and will enable our members to gain new knowledge and skills in order to progress within the workplace.


Please email Aidan Brooks at aidan.brooks@tribalgroup.com if you would like to discuss or explore any of the options above directly.