Apprenticeships are union business

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New report illustrates trade union contribution to making successful apprenticeships

07 April 2014 Apprenticeships

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has released a new report, produced by unionlearn, which illustrates the contribution trade unions are making throughout Europe to the success of apprenticeship systems.

Conference to call for action on equality in apprenticeships

A joint conference in April is to call for action around equality in apprenticeships. "Apprenticeships and Equality: A call to action" will be hosted by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, the National Apprenticeship Service and the TUC.

Loans written off for 24+ Advanced Learning apprenticeships

04 March 2014 Apprenticeships

The Government has announced that adult apprentices (24+ years) who have taken out the loan will have the loan written off. The Skills Funding Statement published on 10 February 2014 revealed that the government will no longer require adult apprentices to take out a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan.

CIPD, Acas and unionlearn join forces to highlight the importance of giving young recruits the best start to work

27 February 2014 Apprenticeships

Last week's employment statistics, which revealed that youth unemployment fell by almost five per cent in the last quarter, have today been welcomed by the CIPD, Acas and unionlearn, as they publish a new guide for managing young people. The guide recognises the key role employers' play in developing young talent to bridge employability gaps and skills mismatches and highlights the steps managers can take to create a culture that will give young recruits the opportunity to thrive.

Research reveals gender stereotyping in apprenticeships

11 December 2013 Apprenticeships

Women apprentices are far more likely to end up in low-paid jobs as a result of training in female-dominated sectors, according to new research published by unionlearn and the National Apprenticeship Service.

The study shows that while there has been a large rise in the number of women taking apprenticeships over the last ten years, many end up working in female-dominated sectors, such as early-years childcare and hairdressing, where wages tend to be lower and where there is less chance of career progression.