Access web version of Use-IT now

Use-IT is a tool created by unionlearn for the use of unions to help deliver learning in the workplace.

This tool contains ten learning themes designed to help engage with learners, providing both an initial assessment and a way to encourage further learning.

These ten topics are:

  • English
  • Maths
  • ICT
  • Green Skills
  • Equalities
  • Diet
  • Alcohol
  • Safeguarding
  • Resilience
  • Food Hygiene.



There are two ways to access the Use-IT tool: through an iPad App or through a web browser. The iPad App can be used offline – it will upload the data into the Use-IT database once the iPad is reconnected to the internet.

Please note: the Use-IT App will not work on an iPhone or Android devices and the web version is not designed to be used on smaller smartphone screens.

Web version

To access the web version, go to

From here you will see a link to the Use-IT web app. This will take you through to the web app version of Use-IT.

You will also see a link to the Dashboard – this is where union administrators can go to access and export the results.

iPad version

To access the App version, contact Yusuf Dadabhoy at unionlearn on 020 7467 1287 or email [email protected]. You will need to provide an email address that can be accessed in the Safari Browser on the iPad or the native iPad email program.

Please note: you need to be using one of the latest versions of the iOS operating system. Otherwise, you are likely to encounter issues when using the software.

Getting started

New learners will need to register to use the tool. This is a short process that requires learners to provide a name, email address, password, postcode, region and union. There is also an optional field for mobile number.

Existing users can login using the details they have previously entered and also view the results of their past usage.

Once into the tool, simply select the relevant learning theme and answer the multiple choice questions. The learner will be provided with the results at the end, and these will be recorded onto the system. A link to a learner’s previous results will appear below each learning theme.

User details and results

User details and results are stored in a secure environment that can only be accessed by union administrators and members of the relevant unionlearn team.