Apprenticeship eNotes

Apprenticeship eNotes

Unionlearn has developed an e-learning module for union reps and officers wishing to learn more about Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship eNote

The online learning module takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, offering participants the opportunity to learn about Apprenticeships, hear about why they are a good thing for young people and businesses and what steps unions and employers can take to introduce new Apprenticeship programmes.

Learner Elizabeth Cadnam-Moore said about the Apprenticeshps eNote:

"I chose the Apprenticeships e-note because I have just been selected to lead on Apprentice Recruitment and Development in my workplace. I thought the e-note was fantastically helpful and gave me a lot of additional information which I can certainly use when developing the Induction and Mentoring Plan which needs a serious overhaul. Overall, very informative and definitely worth the time taken. In fact I will be referring back to it again."

TUC Education have also recently launched the Industrial Partnerships eNote, which highlights recent government skills initiatives to improve skills within a particular sector. The eNote explores the potential for union involvement and some of the challenges and opportunities presented by the emergence of Industrial Parthnerships.

To use eNotes, you need to register on the TUC Education website.