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Are attitudes towards maths holding your team back?

If the thought of having to do maths gives you a feeling of dread, you are not alone. For so many people bad school memories lead to chronic maths anxiety. Others think of trigonometry, algebra and calculus and dismiss it as irrelevant in life and at work. In reality, wherever we work and whatever...

English is a language too

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In high school my history teacher used to tell us that English isn’t even a language. She thought that German was a proper language with proper rules and everything. English on the other hand seemed to have more exceptions than rules and that was way too disorderly for her taste.

Delivering quality apprenticeships

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Apprenticeships are a big deal. We’ve all seen the endless media coverage around the apprenticeship reforms, both positive and negative, and are aware of the emphasis that the government is placing on increasing volume and quality to provide a catalyst for economic and social change. So, should we...

Karen Lee MP

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Before becoming MP for Lincoln in Summer 2017 I’d spent 14 years working as a nurse in Lincolnshire, where I was born and grew up. During that time I came to realise the real value of education. We all need hope (hope that we’ll be able to cope with changes happening at work, hope that things will...