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Books from the British Isles everyone should read

How to pick a book for a reading group? The first answer is to check out the Top Ten list of recommended books for workplace book clubs. Unionlearn organised a vote in the autumn, compiled the winning list and hopes it can help people to start talking about books. Of course, the Top Ten list can...

Use literacy to make the write choices

Burning books
My first memory of writing is taking a break from Space Invaders on my Mum and Dad’s PC to type out a story I’d written. My Dad had to help me because I didn’t understand how to use a keyboard.

Re-thinking the tertiary system: Filling the Information, Advice and Guidance gap for adult learners

Starting your small business
Universities UK (UUK) recently launched a report on Social Mobility at the request of the government, to advise on the contribution that Universities could and should be making. The report’s most important point is that universities alone cannot right all social wrongs but that working in...