Testimonial: Mantra Learning

Mantra Learning have worked with unionlearn for over 5 years. During that time we have achieved many combined goals including acting together to swiftly gain alternative employment for staff in large scale redundancies, from companies such as DHL, for example.  As part of that process we have been able to refresh individuals qualifications and upskill them to address technological change and new working practices.  

Mantra have engaged with unionlearn to train their ‘in-company’ rep’s with Advice and Guidance NVQ’s which has resulted in them having more confidence providing support to their colleagues.  The relationship has been a very positive one and has enabled us to access learners in companies that would otherwise have been impossible. We reference this in our 2010/11 self assessment report….

“Good and improving partnerships with unionlearn have enabled Mantra to respond to business needs, through the voice of the trade union. As an innovative way of engaging the hard to reach learners Mantra aims to continue to build on the successes of this year and engage with additional Unions for 2012. Unionlearn representatives support and embed teaching and learning within their own organisations and enable Mantra to reach a wider diversity of learners”