Unionlearn links into Community Living Sustainably

Communities Living Sustainably (CLS) is a national initiative that aims to encourage behaviour change among individuals and communities so they can cope better with the environmental, economic and social impacts of a changing climate.

Twelve community partnerships of public, private and voluntary sector bodies were chosen across the country to explore and develop ideas to make local communities more sustainable.

In Dorset, the only CLS project in the SW, unionlearn have attended consultation events and promoted the need to engage with workers and employers and to look at green skills and adaptation in the workplace in the face of the changes climate change will bring.

CLS in Dorset is a partnership project led by Dorset Community Action, with a number of core activity partners including local councils, Dorset NHS, business groups and environmental organisations. The programme will be delivered in Bridport, Dorchester and their surrounding areas.

This CLS programme aims to build upon the many climate change and sustainability initiatives in West Dorset, and bring together various non governmental organisations, community groups, local authorities and small businesses.

Keith Hatch from unionlearn said:

"CLS projects offer an ideal opportunity for unions to engage with other groups around issues of sustainability in their community. It is important that workers have a voice in these discussions and at a recent consultation event in Bridport it was useful to be there to stress the impact climate change will have on jobs and the way people work, but it was just as important to highlight the opportunities a move to a low carbon economy could have with regard to skills.

"I would encourage reps and branches to see if there is a CLS project in their local area and make sure they are invited to attend meetings."

Check out a full list of where CLS projects are.