Develop the bid

Develop the bid

Getting the evidence

Almost all grant applications will ask you to describe the issue(s) that you propose to address. This requires 'research', which is often far simpler than you think.

Even if you are sure the grant provider will be well aware of the problems or issues you are tackling, don't leave things to chance. You still need to make an evidence-based case for your intervention, citing research and statistics to explain:

  1. The scale and nature of the problem – e.g. data that shows that it's a particularly pressing issue in the geographical area or sector you are working in;
  2. Why it is important to address the problem – e.g. as data showing the consequences of the problem, in the short term and long-term for those affected (individuals / employers) and for society / the economy at large; the benefits to individuals, employers and society that can accrue from interventions such as the one you propose.

Key to research will be understanding issues like labour market information, health and safety law, equality legislation etc.

Find more on these in our resources collection.

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