Engineering apprenticeships

Whether it’s designing apps for mobile phones, testing components for planes or reinforcing buildings to withstand earthquakes, a career in engineering offers a wide range of challenges and occupations. The choice of engineering apprenticeships is equally diverse, from research and development, to design and construction management.

In many sectors apprenticeships are now seen as a valid alternative to university, but in engineering they have always been recognised as the most valuable way to prepare for a career in the industry. On-the-job training, with high-quality guidance from experts, is the only way to gain the necessary skills.

The benefits of becoming an apprentice engineer

A higher apprenticeship in engineering offers a chance to work for an engineering company while studying towards nationally certified qualifications. You have the opportunity to work, learn and develop relevant skills while receiving a decent wage.

Not only does engineering often provide a secure career, it is also a field that continues to offer good salaries for experienced employees. For instance, mechanical engineers earn an average salary of £47,320. Apprentices in engineering are also often paid a higher rate than those in other sectors. In addition, some of the best arrangements for apprenticeships are in engineering and construction.

There are around 50 engineering job titles listed on the UK shortage occupation list, which reflects the fact that engineers are always in demand. An engineering apprenticeship can give you the qualifications and experience needed to step into one of these undersubscribed roles. It will also teach you the sort of skills you can take with you anywhere in the world.

How to find an engineering apprenticeship scheme

The government website is a great place to start if you’re looking for apprenticeships in the engineering and manufacturing technologies sector. Visit the engineering and manufacturing technologies apprenticeships website to find and apply for apprenticeships in over two dozen different fields, from aviation operations to jewellery silversmithing.

Alternatively, many companies (such as Gatwick Airport and Rolls Royce) have dedicated web pages offering guidance and advice about their engineering apprenticeship schemes. If any particular companies interest you it may be a good idea and contact them directly. There are also some good sites like EEF which list available engineering apprenticeships.