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Please tell us about any resources not included here that you think would be useful for other unions to know about using this online form.

BBC Skillswise

BBC Skillswise

Free English and maths resources broken down by topic, nearly everyone in our research group felt that Skillswise offers accessible supplementary learning resources.

The site is highly interactive, and includes quizzes, videos, and games, so there is plenty of variety to keep learners interested.

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Learning resources, including online tools and workbooks, which can be accessed by purchasing a twelve month licence. These can be used for preparation for either functional skills or GCSE assessments.

Our research indicates that these resources can be especially useful for learning centre workers who are less-experienced teachers, to provide a structured programme for their learners, and provide ongoing feedback.

The BKSB resources are focused on preparing for assessments - and several practitioners recommended using additional support resources to complement them, and provide a broader learning experience. A free trial is available on the site.

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A useful supplementary resource for English learners, this site comprises an online dictionary and thesaurus, with a translation tool and interactive games.

Includes a blog with articles on commonly confused or misused words.

E, F, LSR, ULR, LC (Key)

English for everybody

English for Everybody

Aimed primarily at ESOL learners, this site contains multimedia lessons graded from beginner to advanced.

It also features tests, games, book reviews and a section on improving written English, which some respondents reported native English speakers had found useful too.

E, F, LSR, LC (Key)

Excellence Gateway

Excellence Gateway

The Education and Training Foundation's (ETF) resources portal, this site provides a range of freely accessible resources for learning providers. There is a searchable database of English, maths and ESOL resources that can be useful for learning centres supporting these learners.

Once registered for an account, users can start building a collection of the available resources, which include initial and diagnostic assessment tools, and learning planning tools.

There are also some interactive online lessons, sorted by learning level, which learners can use to develop and practise their skills.

E, M, LSR, LC (Key)


Future Learn

Free courses in a range of subjects, which may be useful for learner engagement in English and maths.

The site provides a gateway to the learning, which is delivered online by a variety of international learning providers in partnership with the Open University.

The courses run on specific dates, so learners need to be able to start and finish according to the timetable set by the provider. Certificates of participation are available and, for some courses, learners can sit an exam at one of many OU local centres.

E, M, F, ER, ULR, LC (Key)

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This site offers free learning in a range of subjects, including maths. Although Khan Academy is a US-based organisation, so the courses map to American qualifications, unions reported using it for supporting maths learners.

In particular, we received favourable comments about the progression that the site offers, from very basic to advanced level maths. The site offers instructional videos with practice exercises, and there are discussion boards for learners to raise questions.

Once registered, learners can access a personalised learning dashboard to keep track of learning, which can take place at the learner's own pace. Additionally, the site offers a 'coaching' facility, which ULRs or learning centre workers could potentially use to support learners, access resources and reference materials.

M, F, ULR, LC (Key)

E = English resources M = Maths resources
F = Free FS = Can be used to prepare for Functional Skills assessments
ER = Engagement Resources LSR = Learning Support Resources that can be used to supplement course work or tutor-led sessions
IA = Initial Assessment tool ULR = Recommended for ULRs to use/signpost learners to
LC = Recommended for Learning Centre staff or tutors with experience of supporting English and maths learners.