Empowering dyslexic learners - webinar


Date and time

8 October 2020 11:00–12:00

Join Tommy Dawkins MBE, Kathleen Jowitt and Roy Watkins for a unionlearn webinar which will explore how union reps can support dyslexic learners. We’ll discuss what dyslexia and neurodiversity are and how they can impact adult learners.

We’ll hear examples on how union learning reps have supported dyslexic learners in the workplace with practical examples and ideas. We’ll be sure to leave time for your questions too!

Dyslexia is thought to affect about one in ten people. It can cause difficulties with processing information and primarily affects reading and writing skills, though it can affect other abilities too.

Everyone’s experience of dyslexia is different. This webinar will help to think of strategies that would help engage and support dyslexic learners.

Tommy is a GMB officer and former ULR who, after making the decision to face his own reading and writing issues, wanted to support colleagues in Stoke on Trent’s potteries and was awarded an MBE in 2002 for services to life-long learning.

Kathleen is an assistant education officer in UNISON's Learning and Organising Services team. She specialises in communications and online learning.

Roy is a union rep with Aegis, he has personal experience of the dyslexia in the workplace and in education having been diagnosed later in life. He has experience within the workplace of guiding members with dyslexia related issues to discover and implement successful solutions/strategies.