Project Consortium

The Rainbow Years Project will be led by a group of partners from six countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • France
  • Italy

All partners have previous experience in transnational cooperation; since they have been active in several European programmes promoted by the European Commission.

Below is some more detail about the project partners.

The Rainbow Years Project

Unions give unionlearn #SkillCheck the thumbs up

Unionlearn has launched its new online initial assessment tool to help unions support members identify skills gaps and signpost them to possible learning opportunities.

As part of the development of the new resource a number of unions volunteered to trial SkillCheck so it would be in the best position to support members. One of these unions was ASLEF, and Learning Project Co-ordinator Shirley Handsley

Shirley said:

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ASLEF and Virgin launch driver apprenticeship scheme

ASLEF joined with Virgin Trains last week to announce the launch of the rail industry’s first driver apprenticeship scheme. The scheme, the first to be launched by a train operating company, will develop the train drivers of the future and the youngest train driver in the UK will come from the scheme.

More than 1,200 applications were received for these positions, with the three final candidates selected in February following a tough 16-stage recruitment process aimed at identifying the highest calibre potential apprentices.

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Survey of ULRs and union reps supporting learning and skills

In Spring 2017 unionlearn conducted a survey of union reps engaged in supporting learning at work to get an up-to-date picture of their activities in the workplace, including the main opportunities and challenges that they identified in promoting the union learning agenda.

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Unionlearn survey highlights the benefits of union led learning at work

Union led learning activities raise awareness of learning opportunities and increase workers interest in joining a union. These are just some of the findings the 2017 unionlearn survey of Union Learning Reps (ULRs) and union reps supporting learning and skills.

Unionlearn conducted the survey this spring to get an up-to-date picture of the workplace activities of ULRs and union reps, including the main opportunities and challenges that they identified in promoting the union learning agenda. 

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Unionlearn SkillCheck is go!

Unionlearns new exciting upgraded initial assessment tool is launched today. 

SkillCheck is an interactive tool that will aid learners gauge their level of understanding in a number of core areas – and help them plan future learning routes to develop skills for personal and career opportunities.

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SkillCheck: a new skills assessment tool

Unionlearn have just launched SkillCheck, a new skills assessment tool to help unions engage with learners and potential learners. A next generation successor to the popular Use-IT software, the new tool is based upon a well-established learning platform called MyProgress, developed by a company called MyKnowledgeMap.

This platform is already used by a number of universities across the UK, Europe and the USA, as well as other organisations such as the General Medical Council.

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New UNISON Learning Zones spring up across The Toon

Newcastle UNISON are successfully working to promote learning opportunities to staff across the north-east authority. 

UNISON’s Newcastle City Branch and the city council have opened three new Learning Zones in different parts of the city. These are IT equipped spaces where UNISON learning reps are on hand to provide support and guidance to learners.

The Learning Zones enable council staff to get to grips with computers and the internet for the first time.

Branch Education Officer Wendy Aitman explains:

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Just one in three get chance to train at work

New polling from the TUC shows that many employers are falling short when it comes to workplace training, however when unions and employers work together staff can benefit from increased learning opportunities and skills development.

Just one in three workers (33%) say their employer offers regular training opportunities, according to new polling published by the TUC last week. And one in four workers (24%) say that no training is offered at their workplace at all apart from a new starters’ induction.

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