New unionlearn leaflet encourages ESOL support at work

Unionlearn is launching a new leaflet which aims to encourage unions and employers to work together to help workers who would benefit from English language support.

Are we all speaking the same language?” highlights the need for good communication in workplaces, and points to the benefits of having workers who are confident with their English skills.

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Unions and apprenticeships event boosting quality and equality

Unionlearn will be holding a seminar in Birmingham during National Apprenticeship Week in March. The event highlights the union role in supporting the expansion of high quality apprenticeships and tackling the barriers that prevents some key groups (e.g. BAME groups, disabled people etc.) being recruited.

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Are we all speaking the same language?

Good communication in the workplace keeps the business running smoothly.

Everyone should be able to understand each other and pass on information quickly and easily.

If your staff are struggling with English here’s what you can do.

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UNISON launches 2018 writing competition at ULR Conference

UNISON Learning and Organising Services is marking the union’s 25th anniversary year with a writing competition. The theme is:

Learning: past, present, future

The competition is open to all UNISON members. Entries should be a maximum of 1500 words long. They can be fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose. They should address the theme of learning, but do not necessarily have to include past, present and future.

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UNISON marks 25 years of learning

Delegates at UNISON’s annual conference for union learning reps (ULRs) celebrated the union’s 25th anniversary year with a programme that explored the past, present and future of learning.

General Secretary Dave Prentis spoke about UNISON’s proud history of learning, inherited from the three founder unions and developed and strengthened over the last twenty-five years.

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Beating the Bottle… with a book

Last week I suspect that many of you may have headed down to the pub or settled down on the sofa and taken a satisfying draught of your first alcoholic drink of 2018. Dry January is becoming increasingly popular as a means of cutting down one’s consumption and detoxing a beer and buffet battered body after a gluttonous festive period.

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Right here, Write Now! – new eNote explores good writing skills

Good writing skills are an essential part of communication, and TUC Education have launched a new eNote, during unionlearns #LiteracyWorks week, which will help learners gain confidence and skills around the written word.

The Write Now! eNote will help people improve their writing skills, and tackle everyday writing tasks such as writing letters and reports and offers practical advice. 

This eNote will:

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Find your moment, and use it to write....

There's this myth that writers are these focused, intense, beings, who get up early in the morning, and write, and drink some coffee, and write, and gaze out of the window, and write, and then they write some more.

That's not how it works for me, and (whisper this) I think it's not true for most writers. After all, many of us have day jobs. We have lives. We still manage to write. The truth is (whisper this, too) there's nothing particularly special about us. It's just that we write.

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Save the date! Unionlearn announces annual conference

Unionlearn is asking everyone to get their diaries and pencils ready as it announces the date of this year’s annual conference – it will be held on Thursday 12th July at Congress House in Central London.

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I wanna tell you a story

"We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.” - Jimmy Neil Smith, Director of the International Storytelling Center.

Unionlearn feel that stories are a vital way to get our message across and highlight the benefits of union supported workplace learning.

Telling stories is the best way to pass on information from one human being to another. People have told stories since the beginning of time, and is how cultures pass on information and skills to the next generation. 

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