Tesco’s workers in Batley Check Out Learning

Usdaw’s award winning Check Out Learning (COL) Campaign has been running for some years now. In the early days, its main aim was to establish the infrastructure to set up store learning and promote Usdaw membership. Over the years the campaign has developed.  

Of course, it still brings learning to stores for the first time, but it also refreshes and invigorates stores where learning has fallen away. Increasingly it is used to promote specific campaigns and initiatives. Both aims were behind the recent COL day in the Tesco Batley store.

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TUC Midlands holds Social Media Masterclass this November

TUC Midlands are planning a series of Social Media Masterclasses across the region – with the first being held in Birmingham on November 2nd.

Recent events such as the General Election have demonstrated the importance of social media as a campaigning tool. Social media can be used to promote activities, courses and events, and is now more effective than campaigning via the printed press.

The role of social media is more important than ever for the TUC and its affiliates to get its message across.

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Mental Health training for reps across the South West

TUC Education and TUC South West are holding a number of events over the coming months to raise awareness of mental health issues at work, with the first two in Truro and Bristol. 

Poor mental health at work and in our personal lives is increasingly more prevalent. A quarter of young people now suffer from some form of mental health issue, and mental health problems for men and women aged 55 – 64 are on the rise. 

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Liverpool residents encouraged to “Know your numbers”

More than 49,000 people in Liverpool are at risk of a stroke, heart attack or kidney disease because they do not know they have high blood pressure.

With this in mind the TUC is supporting “Know Your Numbers Week” - the UK's biggest blood pressure testing event – in Liverpool this month.

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Birmingham event to support learners across the Midlands

Unionlearn will be holding its Midlands regional Supporting Learners event in Birmingham this November.

The event, run in conjunction with the Midlands TUC, will be held at the CWU offices on Summer Lane in the city on Tuesday 21st November.

The event is aimed at an audience of union learning reps, union reps, officers and union learning project staff. 

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Qualification joy for Paul at POA Ashworth

Computers are a large part of many job roles in this age of technology and some people feel less confident in using them and want to enhance their skills as in the case of Paul McGowan, an employee from Merseyside.

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Delivering quality apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a big deal. We’ve all seen the endless media coverage around the apprenticeship reforms, both positive and negative, and are aware of the emphasis that the government is placing on increasing volume and quality to provide a catalyst for economic and social change.  

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Karen Lee MP

Before becoming MP for Lincoln in Summer 2017 I’d spent 14 years working as a nurse in Lincolnshire, where I was born and grew up. During that time I came to realise the real value of education. We all need hope (hope that we’ll be able to cope with changes happening at work, hope that things will get better and hope that our family will be OK) and it’s education which is the best way for us to gain hope.

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September’s Supporting Learners eNews is now out

The September Supporting Learners News is now out, and is a packed edition aiming to inspire reps and learners alike with ideas for the new term.

The latest edition highlights forthcoming events including the October and November Regional Supporting Learners events across the country, a Making Skills Count - English and Maths Network Event in Birmingham and a Mental Health First Aid Bite Size Briefing in Newcastle.

It also highlights the launch of unionlearns Stakeholder Survey, October’s #mathsworkout campaign, and new eNotes.

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Trish helps workplace become Dementia Friendly

There are many studies showing the impact that Union Learning Rep’s (ULRs) and union led learning have in the workplace, but many ULRs use their talents in projects which improve the skills and well-being of the local community. Especially in companies like Tesco where community involvement is supported by the business. 

Trish Baldwin, Usdaw ULR at the Tesco Hard Road store in Hull, is a good example of a rep whose work on dementia has had a real impact on both those in the store and those outside. 

Trish said:

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