Getting on at Work - Course Materials

Getting on at Work are developmental work-based qualifications to help adults progress in the workplace or seek new employment opportunities. These qualifications are separate from union reps qualifications.

Getting on at Work is able to support learners who are working to progress towards a range of qualifications. The programme has two levels of qualification, Entry Level 3 and Level 1. There are a number of pathways with credits attached that are flexible to learners’ needs.

TUC Education has taken on the redesign, maintenance, re-launch and promotion of the Getting on at Work qualifications and materials.

The Getting on at Work qualifications can support the needs of a range of learners including:

  • Workers accessing union learning
  • Workers who want to develop skills for progressing at work
  • Workers facing change at work including redeployment
  • As well as learners looking to enter or re-enter employment.

There are 4 mandatory units totalling 6 credits:

  • Approaches to learning
  • Managing study
  • Getting the most out of training
  • Planning for progression.

Followed by 7 credits from units in one of the following pathways:

  • Adapting to change
  • Equality and diversity
  • Financial capability at work
  • Working with others
  • Writing at work
  • Progressing at work.

Current funding for providers for the two qualifications is through the adult skills budget.  Materials for the qualifications are available for download (zip file).

Further information about the qualifications and accreditation, along with workbooks, is available through the awarding organisation NOCN on their website.