How can I make a great impression in my first weeks?

One day down, the rest of your career to go. You’ve made a great impression: what are your next steps going to be?

The clearer your goals, the more detailed your strategy, the more likely you are to meet your career targets.

Over the next few days and weeks

No matter how exciting the job is, even if you’ve landed your dream job at the first attempt, there will be boring, fiddly bits that a few people enjoy. These are the nuts and bolts and will probably tell you a lot about the way the organisation works. If you take on these tasks, you will show you aren’t afraid of mucking in; if you do them well, you will make yourself invaluable.

Every workplace has a different culture, which often takes a while to get used to. Different management styles or workplace morale can create challenging situations, so it’s best to be straightforward and friendly in your relationships with your co-workers. Office politics can be difficult to pull yourself out of if you get involved.

Social networking (face-to-face rather than Facebook-to-Facebook) is another way of learning more about how your workplace works. Fight the urge to stick with your group of new workers (if there are a few of you) and start conversations with your all your co-workers. Ask them what they wished they knew when they started their jobs, how they would describe their experiences so far, or what kind of non-work activities go on, get in touch with the union rep.

Focus on what you want from your time in the job. Write down your goals for the next few months, six months, a year, and further in the future. It’s amazing how the clarity this will bring will help you make these goals happen.