Information and resources for apprentices

This information is designed for use by apprentices. If you are a union rep, see our Information and resources for union reps.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships provide the chance to 'earn and learn' in a wide range of jobs and sectors and give you the chance to develop skills, experience and qualifications.

What do Apprenticeships offer?

Apprenticeships are made up of four compulsory elements.

What are apprentices entitled to?

Two examples are a written contract of employment and a full induction in the workplace.

Apprentices' terms and conditions of employment

All apprentices have employed status and are covered by the terms and conditions contained in their contract of employment and any relevant employment legislation.

How much do apprentices get paid?

The amount paid to employed apprentices, as for all employees, is negotiated with the employer.

Joining a trade union as an apprentice

Unions negotiate fair pay and equal treatment in the workplace. Unions also tackle discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation and disability.