Learning at Home with your children

Welcome to the Learning at Home with your children pages, on these pages we provide links to some excellent resources not only to enable your children to continue learning but also to give you the skills you need to provide support.

learning with your kids

There is also a section for free online tours and these are practical learning experiences for children that can help teach them whilst exploring museums, art galleries and famous places of interest around the world.

We would really like your feedback on these resources and also if you know of others then let us know.

Oak National Academy

This Government backed online academy has lessons from Reception to year 10, you can use the learning schedule to follow the days lessons or you can choose a lesson by year group and subject. The lessons are short and delivered by teachers who work with the relevant year group. This is a new site and was only launched on 20 April so even more content will be added as it we go forward.


BBC Bitesize

The BBC have also had fantastic learning sessions on their website, during the Lock Down they have produced hundreds of different lessons that you can access under the following age groups. Primary School, Secondary School and Post 16. There is also an area with support for parents and you can organise a lesson plan to help create a timetable of learning for your children.


Teach IT

Teach It has several different webpages depending on the subject they are Maths, Science, Languages, Geography, History and Primary school. There are a vast number of resources available, just select the subject and you are taken to all the relevant resources. The link below is to Teach It Maths but just click on other subjects on the top left of the screen to access the drop-down menu.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great site that you can use in different ways , you can sign in as a teacher, parent or learner. When you have signed in you get access to courses and study material relevant to your preferred courses. With great videos and interesting content this site should help you to support your children or even learn something yourself.



IXL is another great set of lessons that are broken down into small pieces of learning, again select the year group to access the relevant resources. You can sign up as a family but this does incur a cost however you don’t need to pay to access the learning.



Younger children

For younger children it can be harder to keep their attention so below are some links to more appropriate learning for their age group.

Phonics Play

Phonics Play is normally a subscription site with a wide variety of activities and flashcards to help your children learn in a similar way to classroom-based learning. There is also a section for parents which gives invaluable advice and tips on how to use the resources. As this is a subscription site the username and password needed to access the resources is on the home page under the Covid 19 banner.



Twinkl has live lessons and a wide range of activities including comprehensive parents guides to help you. There is also a section for Home Educating and these resources are an excellent starting point for learning, these resources are also really good for children who have Special Educational Needs.


Resources for SEND

Follow the link below to find a whole host of resources for children and parents to support learning with visual and sensory learning activities.