Mid-Life Skills Review Project Consortium

The Mid-Life Skills Review Project is led by a group of partners from six countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • France
  • Italy

All partners have previous experience in transnational cooperation; since they have been active in several European programmes promoted by the European Commission.

Below is some more detail about the project partners.

L and W logo.jpg

The Learning and Work Institute are an independent policy and research organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion. They bring together over 90 years of combined history and heritage from the ‘National Institute of Adult Continuing Education’ (NIACE) and the ‘Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion’.

They want everyone to have an opportunity to realise their ambitions and potential in learning, work and throughout life. They believe a better skilled workforce, in better paid jobs, is good for business, good for the economy, and good for society. They want learning and work to count.

For more information visit the Learning and Work Institute website.

Logo Exeter Uni

The University of Exeter is a top 10 UK university that combines world-leading research with high levels of student satisfaction.

The Marchmont Observatory is a self-financing research centre within the University of Exeter’s Innovation Impact and Business (IIB) Division which is responsible for delivering the University’s role as an economic anchor and driver of regional prosperity. The Marchmont Observatory are expert researchers and analysts working in the fields of Employment and Skills and the Labour Market in general.

For more information visit the University of Exeter - Marchmont Observatory website.

TSL logo

The Workers' Educational Association WEA in Finland (originally Työväen Sivistysliitto TSL ry) is a 79 years old educational organisation in the sector of the Finnish liberal adult education. It is the biggest of the eleven Finnish educational associations (study centres), by the volume of activities and by the participation in studies.

TSL - WEA Finland focuses on team work skills, communicative skills and self-actualization and promotes educational activity in the Finnish society. TSL - WEA Finland provides general adult education especially for the less-educated adult population hit hardest by the ongoing structural change. TSL - WEA Finland is among the first educational institutions in Finland to arrange training with the European Social Fund support for the unemployed and those threatened with unemployment.

For more information visit the Workers' Educational Association WEA Finland website.

Frankfurt logo

The Institute for Economics, Labour and Culture (IWAK) is a scientific centre of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. IWAK delivers information and analyses that help public bodies to devise policies for economic and labour market development on local, regional and national level

In addition, it follows and supports the implementation of new policy tools and evaluates public policies. IWAK has a long history of providing regional and local stakeholders with LMI (both with a focus on occupations as well as on sectors).

IWAK is the coordinator of the European Network on Regional Labour Market Monitoring (EN RLMM).

For more information visit the University of Frankfurt Goethe - IWAK website.

Bicocca logo

Interuniversity Research Centre for Public Services (CRISP) makes official the pre-existing cooperation and synergic activities among professors and researchers from several universities and departments. CRISP is located at the University of Milano Bicocca.

CRISP conducts research in Labour Market services, public services development and demand analysis; economic systems dynamics analysis; unbiased methodologies for quality estimation of services and technology innovation.

CRISP has developed an important activity of research and consultant for Public Authority at regional, national and international level. The main mission of the centre is to support policy makers and decision makers in taking informed decisions through the innovative use of information coming from statistical, administrative and web sources.

For more information visit the University of Milan Bicocca website.

Cereq logo

The French Centre for Research on Qualifications is a public body under the aegis of both the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry for Work, Employment, and Health.

Céreq provides advice and proposals intended to clarify choices in the area of education and training policies at regional, national or international level.

Céreq analyses from different angles the relationship between training, employment and work, as such, it provides expertise on the state of the art of the French certifications systems also playing an important role in the State’s committees of experts dealing with the evolution of French systems of initial vocational training.

For more information visit the CEREQ - Centre for Studies and Research in Qualifications website.

Prospektiker logo

Prospektiker is a private consultancy specialized on foresight and prospective - strategic studies for the public and private sector.

They have conducted numerous studies of regional and local strategic foresight and prospective sector, management consulting, implementation and evaluation of public and private policies.

They have close knowledge of the field of employment policy and social policy, as a result of the constant work with local government departments and regional economic and social development, etc. and have participated and coordinated many European Projects.

For more information visit the Prospektiker website.