Are you a ULR? Then the new Union Learning Reps Two course is just for you

Union Learning reps (ULRs) who have who have some experience and/or have completed the Union Learning Reps One course are being encouraged to sign up to a new online course from TUC Education.


The ULR 2 will build skills to support learners

Union Learning Reps Two is a follow-on course that will help ULRs develop their learning project management skills further and work with learners who have particular needs.

This course is designed to build on existing skills. If you're a ULR it will help you:

  • address your own development needs as a ULR
  • use technology to make your work easier
  • manage your tasks and projects effectively
  • work with partners, employers and providers
  • collect information to support learners and your union
  • arrange accessible learning and support a wider range of learners
  • use your ULR role to recruit members and strengthen your union.

Completing the course won’t mean that you are a qualified learning rep, but it may form part of the training your union requires of ULRs.

To complete the new online course all you need is an internet-enabled mobile device, a phone, tablet or computer. The course is arranged into short activities that can be completed in 5-15 minutes.

Learners can do as little or as much as they like each time they log on. Progress will always be saved and when the learner next logs in they just pick up where they left off. 

The amount of time that the course takes will vary from person to person. The classroom Union Learning Reps 2 course has 30 contact hours, but most people will complete this online version in far fewer hours, but it is important not to rush and go at the pace that suits the learner.

Click this TUC Education link to find out more and get started.