Bristol Better Jobs event to focus on skills

Skills is one of the key factors of a great job"

said South West TUC Regional Secretary Nigel Costley as he announced a major event focusing on Better Job for Bristol.

Bristol is a prosperous city with a diverse economy and many successful businesses. It has been called the best place to live, yet for a growing number of workers and communities, the job market still feels bleak.

Wages are not rising with inflation and there are growing concerns over future skills shortages from all sectors. Stress levels and mental health-related issues are at an all-time high and are causing millions of days of lost work every year.

Combining forces, TUC South West, the Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees, and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Initiative will be presenting and inviting ideas to look at ways to offer decent jobs and good career prospects for everyone.

The conference will present workshops on a variety of employment standards that together help create a great job. These include:

  • A fair and living wage
  • Helping people gain new skills and advance careers
  • Promoting safer and healthier workplaces
  • A real voice and say at work for working people
  • Making Bristol free from exploitation and hidden work abuses

The panel workshops will then lead to a broader discussion on what initiatives can be developed to make Bristol a great place to work.

Nigel added:

If a business is just as concerned about the quality of jobs available and the skills of the workforce as unions, then there is obviously something not working.

It’s great to see leaders in the city come together to invite and discuss ways in which we can all contribute to bringing better jobs to Bristol for everyone. We have some really great speakers who have already shown that providing a great job is key to their successes as a business, as well as speakers who have benefitted from a great job that led to progression in their lives and careers.

Skills is one of the key factors of a great job and is likely to be one of the more popular discussions to attend.  Especially because there will be an estimated 40% shortage of workers for high-skilled jobs in the near future.

Bristol prides itself as being innovative and unafraid of leading change where others are hesitant. What better time than now to start having these discussions."

Date: Wednesday 1st November 2017
Time: 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue: City Hall, Bristol
This event is free. To reserve your place on the conference, please visit

For more information on the event, please contact [email protected]