Climbing Frame is the one stop shop for ULRs

Climbing Frame is the one stop shop for ULRs

Climbing Frame LogoUnion learning reps (ULRs) continue to find the Climbing Frame a valuable tool for finding information and recording learners’ progress, according to a new survey, which reveals that 94 per cent would recommend it to their colleagues.

Unionlearn carried out a survey of Climbing Frame users to give people an opportunity to share their views and experiences of the online tool. The overwhelming response was that it was an extremely helpful way to support workplace learning, with users of the site regularly visiting.

Paul from Unite said

It’s easy to use and there’s lots of helpful resources."

Whilst Marion from the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) liked the Climbing Frame because of:

The amount of useful information you can obtain and the links it provides to other information and websites."

There are many ways the Climbing Frame helps its nearly 7,000 registered users support learners, according to the survey - ranging from signposting to charting learner progress.

Karen from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP) said she uses the Climbing Frame to

Record details of learners I have spoken to as a ULR. It is good to have a secure place to store info."

Abe from the Royal College of Nursing added that she uses it to

Signpost information and show people how to use the site for resources searches for their own learning needs. Best of all I circulate the e-newsletter widely."

It is also a valuable tool for union learning centre co-ordinators who are pushed for time and materials as Anne from the GMB pointed out.

Anne said that the Climbing Frame

has helped me administer a learning centre with very little time or resources available to me."

The results of the survey also show that unionlearns’ promotional and dissemination events are effective in ensuring that union reps hear about the Climbing Frame, though many people also first discovered it via their own union and through unionlearn publications and the website. In terms of the site features ‘availability of information’ and ‘accessibility’ were the top two rated elements of the Climbing Frame by users, with 85% and over excellent or good ratings for both. ‘Support’ and ‘site navigation’ were not far behind with over three quarters rating those areas excellent or good too.

Project Officer Andy Moss says it’s very helpful to collate the views of ULRs on the Climbing Frame and hear how it’s being used to support workplace learning.

We also like to find out what unionlearn can do to keep developing the Climbing Frame and to enable even more reps and learners to use it.

We encourage reps to share the Climbing Frame with colleagues and sign up learners, as the more users, the better the tool will become."

To find out why so many ULRs would recommend the Climbing Frame have a look for yourself by logging on at

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