Congress House raises awareness of recycling for TUC staff

Staff from the TUC and unionlearn took part in a Recycling Awareness Day last week as the organisations recycling provider, BPR Paper Round, spent the day raising awareness and offering tips.


The Marble Hall in Congress House was full of stalls where staff could find out more about the TUCs green efforts and what more they could do to help. They had quizzes, games and give-aways to encourage people to reduce the amount of waste produced and cut the TUC’s carbon footprint.

Matilda Quiney, Head of Management Services and Administration said: 

It’s really important to increase recycling in any workplace.  It helps us save the planet and cuts our waste bills – saving money for more important things.  Our recycling day was really popular with staff.

We know the basics – or think we know them - but this helped us understand the finer points of what could and couldn’t be recycled, all delivered in a fun way that will help us remember to recycle in the future.”

The TUC has produced a number of useful publications aimed at supporting unions and reps interested in finding out more about ways to make workplaces greener. These include “How to Green your Workplace”.