Disabled apprentices – forthcoming guide for union representatives

Disabled apprentices – forthcoming guide for union representatives

Unionlearn and the TUC are currently drafting a new guide aimed at boosting the support that union representatives, including union learning representatives, can provide to help more disabled people access high quality apprenticeships.

The guide will cover a range of areas where unions can make a real difference, including negotiating good quality apprenticeship programmes with employers that include a clear focus on arrangements to support more disabled people to successfully apply (e.g. including ensuring reasonable changes to working conditions such as working hours, equipment or duties).

The guide will also address the different forms of support that union representatives in the workplace can offer to disabled apprentices in order for them to complete a high quality training programme that leads to sustainable well paid employment. 

We would really like to include in the guide any examples of where union reps or officers have been engaged in supporting disabled people to access and complete an apprenticeship or any relevant pre-apprenticeship programmes.

If you think that you have any information that would be of help, please get in contact with Iain Murray at [email protected]


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