FEU Training courses get creative this April

FEU Training is kicking off the 2018/19 Union Learning Fund project year with a batch of great training opportunities aimed at freelance professionals in the arts and entertainment sectors.

Open to freelance members of Equity, The Musicians Union, the National Union of Journalists and the Writers Guide of Great Britain, April sees three courses being held across the country along and a webinar that all aim to help members get to grips with the business skills that help further their careers:

* Creative Productivity (webinar) – 11am, 10 April, London

* Write that Book and Get it Published – 20 April, London

* Social Media for Work – 24 April, Birmingham

* Effective Communication – 26 April, Bristol

An extensive range of bespoke learning opportunities for the coming year is also in the pipeline.

Frances Dredge, FEU Training project manager said:

Our training programme (both face-to-face and online) aims to provide freelance members with the essential business skills they need to survive and thrive in the highly competitive creative industries, for example, pitching and marketing work, managing finances and generating income, and being more productive and efficient overall.

The courses are highly effective because they are developed with audience learning needs in mind and taught by tutors who are also successful industry professionals - so it’s not just theory but practical information that has real impact on career development. The peer group environment makes learning new skills easier and more fun and also provides useful networking opportunities for participants.”

Frances added that:

As many freelancers work in isolation and/or short-term contracts, meeting others in the same boat is highly beneficial. Most people say that they wouldn’t be able to get this sort of training anywhere else.”

If you are a freelance member of Equity, the MU, the NUJ and the WGGB, you can find out more and apply on the FEU Training website