Greater understanding of autism at work

RMT activist, author, tutor and poet Janine Booth has just had her new book published. The book aims to help people gain a greater understanding of the autism and its impact at work.

'Autism Equality in the Workplace: Removing Barriers and Challenging Discrimination' explains why people with autism often find themselves excluded from working life. It is a practical handbook that lays out reasonable, achievable ways in which working environments can be adapted and autistic people included as valuable members of the workforce.

Janine is co-chair of the TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, has previously written a guide for the TUC on the subject and at a recent unionlearn Health and Wellbeing Conference ran a very popular workshop – so it comes as no surprise that the book is aimed at how workers and trade unions can support colleagues with autism and is a written in a practical and accessible style. 

The book highlights ways to make workplaces more autism-friendly and provides practical advice to tackle discrimination in a society where only 15% of autistic adults have full-time employment. It also shows, that with the right kind of support from managers and colleague’s day to day changes in the workplace can make it more inclusive and productive for all employees.

Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC said:

This book is essential reading for all those who want to challenge discrimination faced by workers with autism. Janine Booth is an active trade unionist and so her book is packed with practical advice and information that union reps, and autistic workers, need to improve working lives. Workers are better off in a trade union and this book will help make sure that this is true too for autistic workers."

You can order Autism Equality in the Workplace from the publishers or local bookstores