Looking to develop career skills? These online OU courses are for you!

Highly popular courses launched last year as part of the National Networks for Collaborative Outreach Project the Open University - supported by the Social Partnerships Network (SPN) - have been given a refresh.

The six free badged online courses are for people looking to develop their career or considering a change of direction.

Each of the six free online courses will take about 15 hours to complete. Learners can collect online badges, which can be shared with employers, displayed on social media sites and kept in your TUC Education backpack.

The six courses will help learners develop an understanding and knowledge of different subjects which will are aimed to support career development. The courses are:

  • Planning a better future
  • Introducing practical healthcare
  • Supporting children's development
  • Caring for adults
  • Taking part in the voluntary sector
  • Starting your small business

Ian Borkett, unionlearn Service Manager, contributed to the project and said: 

These courses have proved very popular since their launch last year, and the sites refresh is an ideal opportunity to take a look at them if you have not yet had a chance.

The courses are a useful and practical opportunity for people to develop their skills and knowledge.

They explore the skills needed to work in different careers such as healthcare, child development or adult care, the voluntary sector or even starting up your own business.”

All the courses explain what the various careers involve, the skills needed and the responsibilities that come with the role, and as they are free can be ideal for people exploring options or looking for a change.

The courses are not accredited, but learners do have the opportunity to receive a digital badge. The digital badges are a means of recognising certain skills and achievements acquired through online courses. Badges demonstrate your work and achievement on a course, and can be stored in the TUC Education back pack as part of a portfolio.

Signing up for the courses couldn’t be easier. Just go to the unionlearn website, below, to find more detailed information on the individual courses. Then just register by filling in a few details at the bottom of the page and you will be transferred to the SPN website where you can click onto the course of your choice.