Match up your skills with new unionlearn card game

Unionlearn and Linking London have updated the popular Match Up! progression card game.

The cards have been designed for reps to use to help learners gain a better understanding of the range of qualifications on offer and can be used explore the different progression routes available to learners.

This engaging activity can be used in different ways, and with groups or individually. Adult Learners Week, union learning taster sessions or as part of a workshop or meeting are just some examples of activities where they have been used with learners.

Andrew Jones, Deputy Director and IAG Specialist, Linking London said:

“The Match Up! Card game, developed by unionlearn and Linking London, aims to help those interested in finding out more about higher level learning find out more about the wide range of qualifications delivered in universities, further education colleges and also in the workplace.  

Completing the game will also help show users that there are a wide range of pathways, or routes, into and through higher education. The card game, now in its second edition, has been used with young learners, adults in the workplace, as well as with staff in education and in work, as a refresher or icebreaker or as the basis of a whole workshop. Happy playing!”

Andy Moss added:

It has been good to work in partnership with Linking London again and have an opportunity to update the Match Up! cards for 2018. They have proved very popular with ULRs in the past and we expect the updated version to be just as useful.”

All delegates at the forthcoming unionlearn Annual Conference on 12th July will receive a pack of Match Up! Cards along with other resources and information. However if you would like to receive packs earlier you can order them here: