New SkillCheck Maths Basics unit launched today

Unionlearn are launching a new maths section to its popular initial assessment tool, SkillCheck. “Maths – Basics” has been added to allow even more learners to explore their skills and look at strengths and weaknesses in maths.

Maths Basics launched on SkillCheck

Following feedback from union reps and learners unionlearn have added the entry level assessment – which can be followed by the “Maths - Step Up” section. The new section will have even more questions and are ideal for use

SkillCheck is a flexible learning tool that is ideal for workplace learning centres and group learning sessions organised by ULRs – but is also accessible to individuals who might want to check what level they are currently at before approaching their rep and explore future learning options.

This tool contains three learning themes - English, maths and ICT, designed to help engage with learners, providing both an initial assessment and a way to encourage further learning.

Kirsi Kekki is a Project Officer with unionlearn working on maths and English campaigns.

Kirsi said:

SkillCheck has been incredibly popular since its launch last year. However, some of the union we work with said that their members might benefit from a more accessible initial maths element to draw them back into learning and build confidence.”

We like to think you can count on unionlearn when it comes to building maths skills, so we have developed a Maths – Basics unit to allow SkillCheck to support even more learners.”

If you would like to try, or find out more, about unionlearn SkillCheck and the new Maths – Basic unit go to Unionlearn SkillCheck and have a go.