Right here, Write Now! – new eNote explores good writing skills

Good writing skills are an essential part of communication, and TUC Education have launched a new eNote, during unionlearns #LiteracyWorks week, which will help learners gain confidence and skills around the written word.

The Write Now! eNote will help people improve their writing skills, and tackle everyday writing tasks such as writing letters and reports and offers practical advice. 

This eNote will:

*) give guidance on writing clarity, structure, grammar and spelling
*) let you show what you know with short quizzes
*) signpost you to further resources about writing skills

TUC Education manager Jackie Williams said:

Write Now! is a new eNote that has been developed to help you with your writing skills.”

In the workplace good writing skills open doors – and these skills are transferable, so can be used in our personal lives, whether it is communicating with family and friends, getting involved in a hobby or managing our finances.”

This new eNote aims to people tackle everyday writing task such as writing letters and reports and offers practical advice and ideas.

To check out the Write Now! eNote go to the TUC Education eNotes page.