Skills investment seminar – videos from the day

At a time when the government is significantly reducing public investment in skills, there is a greater imperative on private investment from employers and individuals. The TUC seminar on 1 December 2011 explored the trade union role in encouraging employer investment and co-investment and interventions on a sectoral and national level, including licence to practice and reform of tax relief.

First Panel - Potential policy levers

Professor David Ashton - Comparison of UK approach on skills investment with other countries

Skills investment seminar: David Ashton from unionlearn on Vimeo.

Howard Reed - Tax relief on training: investigating the options for reform

Skills investment seminar: Howard Reed from unionlearn on Vimeo.

Grahame Smith - Building a new sector approach

Skills investment seminar: Grahame Smith from unionlearn on Vimeo.

Second Panel - Employers, unions and SSCs working in partnership

Dinah Caine, Skillset - A view from the creative industries

Skills investment seminar: Dinah Caine from unionlearn on Vimeo.

Joanna Woolf, Cogent - A view from the science industries

Skills investment seminar: Joanna Woolf from unionlearn on Vimeo.

John Rogers, Skills for Health - A view from the health sector

Skills investment seminar: John Rogers from unionlearn on Vimeo.

Closing comments

Michael Davis, UK Commission for Employment and Skills - Summary

Michael Davis from unionlearn on Vimeo.