Technician Pathways Learning Theme

A Technician Pathways Learning Theme is now available on the union learning Climbing Frame.  The Climbing Frame is the website for Union Learning Reps (ULRs) and others that work with learners, designed to promote learning and support learners in the workplace.

The Technician Pathways Learning Theme has been designed to raise awareness and promote technician registration to union members and employers with technicians in their workforce. It provides an understanding of what professional registration is and how it works, and the information needed to explain the benefits of it. The Learning Theme includes a step-by-step guide to the registration process, an action plan for reps and a number of useful links, contacts and resources.

Kirsi Kekki, unionlearn Policy Officer, said:

The launch of the Technician Pathways Learning Theme on the Climbing Frame is very welcome and timely.

The Technician Registration Toolkit has been a very well received resource for union negotiators and reps and we are regularly posting out copies of it to reps and officers around the country. 

By updating the content and developing the Climbing Frame Learning Theme ensures that reps’ access to all the useful information will be easier and quicker. The Climbing Frame will also provide additional resources and it all helps with supporting technician colleagues in the workplace."

Unionlearn's Technician pathways project aims to raise the importance and recognition of technician role in the workplace and to explore how registration can help technicians to access continuous professional development (CPD). The project supports unions’ work on technician agenda and works with a number of stakeholders, such as professional bodies, to raise technician status and promote registration. For more information contact Kirsi Kekki email: [email protected] or telephone: 020 7079 6953.

To register to access the union learning Climbing Frame, visit: