UCATT event to highlight dangers of problematic gambling

UCATT, with support from unionlearn, are organising an event to look at the impact of problematic gambling in the workplace. 

The one day conference will be in Manchester Town Hall on the 11th November and follows on from the Mental Health and Work seminar and activity which took place earlier this year.

UCATT Project Organiser Keith Lewis said:

UCATT are concerned at the growth of problematic gambling in the workplace. We are keen to emphasise the role learning and education has in supporting people and, if not addressed, the impact gambling can have on health and wellbeing.

We believe the issue is important enough to hold the first ever National Conference on the subject. Partners include employers, the gambling industry and support organisations such as Gamcare and Beacon Counselling."

The overall aim of the conference will be to generate awareness across the workplace on the subject of problematic gambling whilst at the same time explore the many psychosocial effects the issue throws up, such as debt, exposure to the criminal justice system, family and employer/employee related consequences that combine to have an impact at work. 

The conference will address the lack of understanding in the relationship between problematic gambling and the world of work, emphasising the importance of education in helping to address the issue. We will look to strengthen support within the workplace, working with employers, union representatives and occupational health. The conference will create a platform to explore and raise awareness of gambling issues and it will promote the National Treatment Network for those experiencing problems.  

Steve Craig, National Officer for Strategy, Education and Organisation at UCATT states:

Problem gamblers often prioritise gambling above their work, regularly resulting in dismissal. We need to engage the issue with the same energy, commitment, support and awareness-raising that we have given to Drugs and Alcohol. This first conference will go a long way to moving this problem up the agenda, and I hope you will join us in Manchester for what will be an innovative and informative experience."

For further information about the event contact:

Keith Lewis
E: [email protected]

To confirm attendance, contact:

Irina Do Carmo
T: 07495672588
E: [email protected]