UCATT organise major Mental Health event in Liverpool

A major conference aimed at addressing the issue of mental health in the workplace, bringing together trade unionists, employers, community groups and mental health experts will take place in Liverpool this Friday (18th March). 

The conference titled Mental Health and Work is being organised by construction union UCATT alongside unionlearn. Other partners in the event include Communications Workers Union (CWU) and the Fire Brigades Unions (FBU).

Speakers at the event include Luciana Berger MP who is the Shadow Minister for Mental Health and Dave Eva, ULF Contracts Manager for unionlearn.

Dave Eva said:

Mental Health issues are now the major reason for absence and long-term sickness at work. UCATT are pioneering the raising of awareness of mental health issues at work and building union responses that support and assist members. 

This important conference has attracted wide interest within unions showing the level of concern Reps and members have about it."

The conference is designed to highlight common issues that all participants experience when dealing with mental health issues. Speakers and delegates will discuss the role of unions in dealing with mental health illness in the workplace as well as issues regarding problematic gambling and debt. 

There will also be afternoon workshops on a number of key mental health concerns such as the impact of caring for someone suffering mental health issues while in employment, and the pressure on people in low paid work and on benefits. 

The FBU will also offer all delegates in future the opportunity to attend a Mental Health First Aid course. 

Luciana Berger MP, said:

Mental health issues and services have never had more impact or have been as essential as they are today. It is reassuring to see UCATT and other unions working with other stakeholders to support members of both unions and local communities in what is a growing area of concern."

Steve Craig, UCATT National Office for Strategy and Training, added:

The role of unions, not just in the workplace but also across communities is vital and events such as this will help enormously if we are to offer information and advice to ensure people receive the necessary support."