Unionlearn says you need to know your rights as an apprentice

Unionlearn welcomes the National Apprenticeship Week with an update on Your rights as an apprentice leaflet.

The leaflet helps apprentices to consider what to expect from their apprenticeship, what they are entitled to and what they can gain from the experience. The 20 per cent off-job-training rule is one of the new considerations apprentices need to know about. The leaflet also highlights the terms and conditions of employment and apprenticeship pay. These are all important questions to contemplate whether the apprentice is a new entrant to the workplace or an existing staff member moving into an apprenticeship.

The leaflet can be downloaded from unionlearn website or request hard copies from [email protected]

Unionlearn has also updated the Apprenticeships – Know your rights eNote www.unionlearn.org.uk/apprenticeship/knowyourrights. An eNote is an interactive online guide helping young people in their first jobs navigate the apprenticeship and ensure it is high quality.

Iain Murray, unionlearn Strategy Manager said:

Your rights as an apprentice leaflet is a quick and handy way to check up what you need to know about apprenticeships.

The leaflet is targeted for anyone thinking that an apprenticeship is a route of learning and earing that suits them. It is a useful resource for union reps supporting apprentices in the workplace. Not to mention parents of young people entering the world of work for the first time.

The eNote online module is the icing on the cake making all the information very accessible.”

Unionlearn is organising a free seminar to celebrate the National Apprenticeship Week on the 9th of March in Birmingham.

The Apprenticeships – boosting quality and equality event highlights the union role in supporting the expansion of high quality apprenticeships and tackling the barriers that prevents some key groups (e.g. BAME groups, disabled people etc.) being recruited.

Find out more about the Unions and Apprenticeships – boosting quality and equality seminar.