Unionlearn to sign EngTechNow campaign charter

EngTechNow charter

Unionlearn will sign the EngTechNow campaign charter at its national conference on Monday. EngTechNow is a project promoting the contribution technical staff make in UK's engineering industry and value of EngTech registration to technicians and employers.

The charter is a vehicle for partnerships to work on promoting and supporting professional registration for technicians. The TUC-affiliated unions TSSA and Prospect signed the charter in March 2015.

Blane Judd, Chief Executive of EngTechNow, said:

"EngTechNow works with some of the largest engineering employers in the UK who understand the scale of the skills shortage across technician and engineering careers. So it is excellent to be able to sign this commitment with the TUC General Secretary and to cement unionlearn's place in our work to drive professional registration across the technician workforce.

"Together we will continue to open up great opportunities for career progression, strengthen the skills base of vital UK industries, and boost the status of engineering careers for young people."

The charter will aim to:

  • Collaborate in supporting trade unions to take up activity around technician registration
  • Help employers recognise the value of registration and a registered technician workforce and support it financially
  • Improve the diversity of the engineering workforce
  • Engage unions and improve union learning reps' capacity to support technicians’ continuous professional development in the workplace
  • Raise the status of engineering technicians.

Tom Wilson, unionlearn Director, said:

"Signing the charter with EngTechNow campaign offers unionlearn an opportunity to widen the reach of the Technician Pathways project. It is a valuable addition to our work in developing approaches that help union learning reps (ULRs) to engage their colleagues to take up learning and development opportunities that are relevant to them and their job roles.

"We also want to be part of encouraging employers to take up-skilling seriously, especially since it has been forecast that the UK demand for technical skills will be rising in the coming years."

Unionlearn is leading the Gatsby Foundation-funded Technician pathways project promoting the trade union role in delivering professional registration for technicians working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Unionlearn will be working in partnership with professional bodies and other organisations to promote the professional standing of technicians, recognising the valuable contribution they make both to the economy and to our lives more broadly.

The primary aim of the project is to help trade unions to establish technician registration as an access route to continuous professional development. The project develops positive and sustainable relationships between professional bodies, trade unions, employers and others with a view to support technician registration as part of unions’ learning and skills agenda.