Unions open the door to learning for all

Unions open the door to learning for all

At this year’s unionlearn Conference a new publication was launched highlighting how union learning has supported disadvantaged learners.

Opening doors to all: How union learning tackles disadvantage describes how unions have used learning to remove the barriers that create disadvantage and is full of case studies demonstrating how this has worked in practical workplace situations throughout the country.

The document also explains how partnership working, in particular through learning agreements with employers, can support learning and gives links to resources to help people kick-start local learning initiatives.

Kevin Rowan, unionlearn Director said;

The growth of union-led learning over the past two decades is one of the great success stories of the labour movement. With the help of the Union Learning Fund (ULF), unionlearn and Britain’s unions have helped millions of workers change their lives for the better by improving their knowledge and skills.”

This booklet showcases many of the ways in which we dismantle the barriers faced by disadvantaged learners, and help them – and the organisations they work for – to grow and thrive. I hope everyone who reads it is inspired to help us continue to open our doors to all.”


To download a free copy of “Opening all doors” go to:



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