Learners digitally clued up at Boots

Learners digitally clued up at Boots

Numerous learners received certificates for information and communication technology (ICT) at entry level 3 at a presentation in Nottingham on Monday 15th June. The learners are employees at Boots and USDAW members.
The participants enjoyed and benefited from the course of 20 weeks delivered by a private provider based in Nottingham. For many of the learners it was a new experience after leaving school some years ago. The course covered the full diversity of Boots organisation and USDAW membership with participants born in and outside of this country, some of them achieving their first qualification in the UK.

Dawn Johnson, USDAW representative said:

I am really proud of the effort and commitment of my colleagues in achieving their IT qualifications. It is another step in their development and fulfilling their potential, and shows how USDAW as a union is committed by giving their members the best of opportunities."

USDAW reps Dawn Johnson and Julie Smith and USDAW Learning Project Worker Neil Chapman will be supporting more colleagues to achieve IT and other qualifications which are vital for professional and personal development. The 14 learners will also be given an opportunity to progress to higher qualifications that will both benefit the individual and the business.

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