Video highlights work of ULRs in mid-life career reviews

Video highlights work of ULRs in mid-life career reviews

A new video featuring personal accounts from union learning reps (ULRs) about how they delivered activities, utilised resources and engaged colleagues to discuss their career has been launched. The Supporting Mid-life Development video has been produced by unionlearn.

The video is the latest tool in the supporting learner's suite of resources and contains footage of ULRs discussing their experience of the Mid-life Career Review pilot project.

Supporting mid-life development - union learning reps give their experiences from unionlearn on Vimeo.

One participant said:

"The Mid-life Career Reviews make you look at yourself. What you know, what you would like to know and what you do know but you don’t realise you know. It changes your perception."

ULRs have been piloting models of working with people to review their plans for life and career. The pilot will be completed in March 2014 and has produced a range of materials and models for reps to use in the future.

The findings of this high profile project has been shared with government ministers and senior officials, providing the opportunity to showcase the outstanding work ULRs are already doing in supporting midlife workers and the added value they are providing.

Everyone has a career involving choices, opportunities and constraints about work and lifestyle. This includes decisions about entering and leaving a particular job or employment altogether. The opportunity for a career review will help individuals, during midlife, to answer one or more of three questions:

  • When would be the best time for me to retire from paid work?
  • How can I get back into rewarding and productive work?
  • How can my work become more rewarding and productive?

Another participant said:

"It's helped me identify my skills that I can use in the future and help me identify skills I want to develop for the future."

Unionlearn provided support to ULRs participating in the pilot project. To kickstart the project, an initial training day was organised for ULRs.

After the training, ULRs were asked to conduct at least one review session back at their workplace using the Climbing Frame to record the outcomes of their meetings. ULRs carried out at least one follow-up session to ascertain what progress had been made.

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