Webinar explores harassment from a young workers perspective

Workers suffer abuse from customers and members of the public all too frequently, from harassment through to violent acts. Unfortunately, in the retail, hospitality, health, care and transport sectors daily incidents are accepted as part of the job.

Harassment webinar takes place in Dec

While these things can happen to anyone, young workers in particular can’t protect themselves because they are most likely to be in insecure jobs and lack a voice at work. They are least likely to be a trade union member or to report the abuse to an employer.

TUC Education is running an hour-long webinar on Tuesday 11th December starting at 2pm.

In the webinar Kathryn Mackridge, young workers policy officer, will present young workers’ experiences of abuse from customers and members of the public and show what unions can do to tackle this problem.

To find out more about the webinar and register your place click on to this link.