Online reporting

Each period, you will need to complete online reports of your expenditure and outcomes on the ULF database.

The ULF software has been set up so that, if there’s a wide variation between what you put in your profile and what you are reporting, when you try to ‘submit’ your report you will not be able to do so until you have completed an extra report, called an outcome variance report.

Any outcomes where there’s a large difference between what’s in the profile and the report are automatically transferred across to this report for you – all you need to do is explain what led to the variation in each case. It is important that you don’t just copy and paste data each quarter.

The ULF team use this project information to spot potential problems and trends and to be able to offer dedicated support where it is needed.

You can then submit your outcome report as usual.

Variation to Contract

Sometimes you may need to have a more radical re-think and feel you need to change the end date, outcomes or your project expenditure. In this case, the first point of contact is the ULF team. If the changes are approved, you will be asked to fill out a variation to contract form on the ULF database.

This will mean describing the need for the change and re-profiling your expenditure and outcomes as needed. As this is a change to your original contract, you will need to print, sign and send two copies of the contract to the ULF team as you did at the start.