Our mission

The unionlearn mission statement:

Our belief is that the life chances of all people can be transformed through access to learning, throughout their working lives. Such learning opportunities must be available to the entire workforce, regardless of their employment status or educational background. Everyone should have fair and equal treatment to develop his or her potential, free from discrimination. We believe learning and skills can best be delivered collectively in partnership with trade unions.

Our purpose is to help unions open up a wide range of learning opportunities for their members. This will both promote their personal progression and develop their trade union role, strengthening workplace organisation. We will guarantee that all provision is of a high standard and continuously improves in both its quality and diversity.

Our goal is to become the centre of excellence for supporting high quality union-led learning. We also aim to become the authoritative organisation for promoting innovation and research and disseminating best practice in such learning.

Our success will be determined by the sustainability of this activity, through unions embedding learning and skills at the heart of their organisation.