Cancer in the Workplace - A Workbook for Union Representatives

Cancer in the Workplace - A Workbook for Union Representatives

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This workbook (2nd Edition) is aimed at a wide range of union reps, union learning reps, project workers, union professionals, organisers and activists to help them deal with the increasingly common situation of employees who are diagnosed with cancer.

The activities and resources are designed to be used flexibly for any of the following:

  • a union representative who wishes to improve facilities and policies at work concerning cancer
  • a union health and safety rep who has concerns about substances or work processes that may be cancer causing
  • a union learning rep who wishes to promote learning and awareness about cancer in the workplace
  • an equality rep who wants to ensure that work situations are improved and fair treatment is practised when dealing with employees who have disabilities or require reasonable adjustments as a result of cancer
  • a union activist involved in developing and organising campaigns and events or learning partnerships where other reps, union members and staff can be involved.

Whatever your involvement, there are plenty of interesting activities and valuable information that will raise your interest and awareness to help you provide further support for your members.

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