Research Paper 18 - Skills for sustainable employment

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Youth unemployment is a long-standing, major problem in the UK. TUC research has revealed that since 2000 the number of young people who have been unemployed for more than a year has increased by a massive 874 per cent. Youth unemployment has a detrimental impact on society and the young person who can’t find work. It has been estimated that the net present value of the cost to the Treasury, even looking only a decade ahead, is approximately £28bn.

Written by:

Dr Melanie Simms University of Warwick
Dr Ben Hopkins University of Aberystwyth
Dr Sophie Gamwell University of Warwick

Research paper 18
June 2013


  • Foreword
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Youth labour market transitions in international context
  • UK policy with regard to helping young workers during the crisis
  • Trade union initiatives to increase opportunities for young people
  • Employers’ experiences hiring and training young people
  • The experiences of young people
  • Opportunities to include youth employment provisions in procurement agreements
  • The scope to improve entrepreneurial activity among young people
  • References
  • Other research papers in the series