Research Paper 19 - Under-representation by gender and race in Apprenticeships

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This research project by unionlearn and the National Apprenticeship Service was designed to supply information about under-representation by gender and among ethnic minority groups in the Apprenticeship programme overall. While many occupational frameworks within the Apprenticeship programme are strongly gender segregated, young people from ethnic minority backgrounds are under-represented in high-quality Apprenticeship frameworks.

While there has been a policy focus on addressing under-representation in Apprenticeships, particularly by gender, over many years, it is apparent that progress is slow. There is a continued need to focus on inequalities to ensure that:

  • young people are equally able to benefit from the excellent opportunities provided by Apprenticeships
  • each young person can access the best route for their needs in order to reach their full potential
  • young people are assisted in the achievement of positive economic and social outcomes.

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