Strategic plan for unionlearn 2012-2014

Strategic plan for unionlearn 2012-2014

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Unionlearn was established in May 2006 by the TUC in order to provide a framework to support union learning in England. Unionlearn’s strategic direction is overseen by an elected and appointed board of the General Council.

Unionlearn’s income for the year ending at 31 March 2012 was £21.5m core funding from BIS which included £15.5m for the Union Learning Fund (ULF). As a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review the coalition Government has kept the core funding to the same level as for 2011-12 in cash terms and stated its intention to continue at that level for the two subsequent years, subject to parliamentary approval. This strategic plan is thus based on this level of funding being continued in 2012/13 and on the assumption that this will be continued in 2013/14. Additional funding of £ 250,000 for an extension to unionlearn’s apprenticeship project has been secured through the National Apprenticeship Service.

Unionlearn’s targets, objectives and functions for 2012-13 as agreed between unionlearn and BIS will be set out in the Grant Agreement and Financial Memorandum which will be published at the end of March 2012. This revised strategic plan outlines the goals , strategic objectives and key success indicators up to the year 2014, and specific targets to 2013. They are rooted in the broader goals set out n the TUC strategic plan.

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