Supporting Learners Packs


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This complete resource for reps includes all four guides:

  1. Why and how union reps should support learners
  2. Sources of help for union reps
  3. Role and skills of the union rep
  4. Useful extras for union reps.

As a union rep, you understand the organisation that you work for and have the trust of members which means that you are often the first port of call for advice on learning in the workplace. You have a key role in motivating and encouraging members to become learners, fulfil their goals and cope with change at work. However, although you have an important role to play when supporting learners you are unlikely to be a professionally qualified careers adviser. It is intended that the Supporting Learners series of guides will help you to provide union members with the right level of support that encourages their learning and progression and helps them to develop skills to manage their own careers.

The term 'supporting learners' is used instead of 'IAG' or "careers advice" to describe the activities of ULRs. Their most important role is in mentoring, coaching and signposting.