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TUC Education Update - August 2017

Welcome to the August 2017 edition of the TUC Education Update - for everyone with an interest in union education and training, with news and views from TUC Education.

This edition gives an update on the new TUC Education offer, the latest eNotes and much more.

Union Learning Fund Prospectus Round 19 - 2017/2018


The Union Learning Fund (ULF) was established in 1998 to promote activity by trade unions in support of the objective of creating a learning society. Its initial aim was to develop the capacity of trade unions and Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) to work with employers, employees and learning providers to encourage greater take up of learning...

Opening doors to all: How union learning tackles disadvantage


Union-led learning is inclusive, by definition. We open our doors without discrimination, including to non-members. This booklet showcases many of the ways in which we dismantle the barriers faced by disadvantaged learners, and help them – and the organisations they work for – to grow and thrive. 

Measuring the success of union learning


We have produced this booklet to summarise some of the key outcomes and achievements of the Union Learning Fund (ULF) and unionlearn. The numbers are all derived from the latest evaluation of the impact of unionlearn and the Union Learning Fund by the Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC) at the University of Leeds, in...

Unions supporting high-quality Apprenticeships


This booklet amply demonstrates that trade unions are already making a difference for apprentices and the organisations that employ them in a whole world of different ways: by negotiating high-quality Apprenticeship programmes, by challenging gender stereotypes, by coaching and mentoring young people in the workplace, by helping employers remove...

Unionlearn Annual Report 2017


In spite of challenges on many fronts, unions continue to prioritise learning and training in the full knowledge that this is a major boost to the life chances of individuals and the lifeblood of the union movement. This is in no small part sustained by unionlearn and the Union Learning Fund (ULF) which over the past year supported unions to help...

Accessible Apprenticeships


A TUC guide for trade union activists on bargaining for accessible Apprenticeships for disabled workers.

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