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Technician registration and unions flyer


This is a one-page quick look flyer at who technicians are, what technician registration is and most importantly why supporting technician workforce is trade union business. The handout can printed out and used in meetings and events.

Employers supporting the technician workforce and working with unions


Trade unions and employers regularly negotiate on a number of learning and skills related issues. Unionlearn has produces a short guide for unions to help them tackle technician registration and technician access to continuous professional development (CPD).

The guide supplements the Technician Registration Toolkit – A resource for union...

Unionlearn annual report 2015: Changing Lives Through Learning


Despite all the challenges unionlearn continues to flourish. This year’s report has some stunning headline figures:

  • Over 230,000 learners supported – including many of the most disadvantaged who would never get the chance to learn without union help.
  • Independent research from Leeds University showing that unionised workplaces receive twice as...