Quality Assurance

ULF gives a great opportunity to make a difference to learners’ lives. How you will maximise the experience the learner has, and ensure they receive a quality product/experience?

The learner experience

  • How will you ensure that learners have appropriate support and guidance (such as Skills for Life assessments, trained Skills for Life tutors etc?)
  • How will you ensure the consistent quality of the learning to which members are signposted?
  • How will you collect feedback from your learners (surveys, reviews, follow-up in workplace)?
  • How will you track learners’ retention, achievement and progression?

Your team is key in delivering your project. How will you ensure that all people involved, particularly ULRs, are properly recruited, inducted, trained and supported to have the greatest possible impact on learners? What opportunities will there be for ULR progression, for example, and are there forums or networks they might join?

Think too how to work with employers to ensure that learners get appropriate time off to complete their training and subsequent duties.

Also consider whether there any Equality & Diversity links that need to be honoured as part of your project, or statistics you will need to capture, e.g. of union officials, ULRs, members and learners.

Providers are likely to be major players in the delivery of your project. Choosing who you want to work with is very important. Consider having a formal agreement with providers which outlines how they will ensure the quality of their programmes, what systems they have to provide IAG to learners and assess learner needs, and what management information they will provide on learners, in what format and frequency.

You may find a provider checklist helpful in thinking through questions to ask to help you in making your choice.

Download the provider checklist

If your union is working towards a Quality Award such as matrix, IIP, Q Award etc you may need to factor in specific policies and procedures to meet the Award criteria, such as regular internal reviews or audit arrangements, above and beyond those required as part of the ULF contractual arrangements.