Supporting technicians in the workplace: action planning for union representatives

This action plan is designed to provide reps with practical tips on what they can do to help technicians to take up professional registration as an access route to continuous professional development (CPD) and progression at work.

Step 1. Find out where the technicians are in your workplace

  • When carrying out a mapping exercise the following data is useful to collect:
  • Number of technicians
  • Where they work
  • What they do
  • Registered or not registered
  • Existing awareness of registration
  • Information needs (which professional bodies are relevant for them, process, cost)
  • Barriers and benefits of registration
  • Is the apprenticeship programme accredited and are apprenticeships encouraged to register
  • Carry out a survey of technicians to find out more information

Step 2. Raise technician registration through the appropriate channels

  • Work jointly with other reps and union negotiators
  • Raise technician registration at your next union branch meeting
  • Find out if the employer has a training plan for technicians
  • Raise registration at your next meeting with management
  • Encourage members to raise registration in their appraisals and personal development planning meetings with line management
  • Present the list of benefits to the employer

Step 3. Start developing an agreement with the employer

  • the employer and the union will work together support technician staff members to apply for registration
  • agree with the employer a contribution to the fees of professional membership and registration
  • both partners make every effort to encourage under-represented groups (women, BME groups) to work on achieving the technician registration status
  • the staff have access during working hours to union learning reps (ULRs) for information and advice on learning and training
  • technician registrations are a permanent discussion and review topic in the joint learning committee meetings
  • the employer will support the process of applying for and maintaining registration (e.g. supporting portfolio building and release for continued professional development activity) taking steps to benchmark their training offer against the technician standards
  • where an apprenticeship programme is in place, the employer will explore the free offer from professional institutes to accredit the apprenticeship programmes to help simplify the registration process for individuals